There Are Many Wonderful Foods Served At Italian Restaurants

Italian restaurants have a rich history of serving phenomenal food to their patrons. There are certain foods that are more popular than others because they contain rich vibrant flavors that permeate the pallet perfectly. If you plan to visit a local establishment in the near future, there are a few foods that you need to try.


All Italian restaurants serve pizza. There are some that offer many varieties of pizza, while others only have cheese or cheese and pepper available. If your family loves pizza, it is a good idea to call the establishment in advance to find out what options they have available. If the pizza is available with any toppings you want, be creative and try something new. Many people are shocked at how delicious pineapple can be on pizza. Chicken, olives, and even jalapenos can be amazing when paired with the right ingredients on top of the pizza.

Pasta Dishes

Most Italian restaurants serve many different types of pasta dishes. Spaghetti is one of the most well known dishes served. It consists of small strands of pasta that are topped with a delicious red sauce. It is possible to get a vegetarian form of this meal and some places even bake it with mozzarella cheese melted on top. Alfredo is another popular dish served in Italian restaurants. It is possible to get the pasta with no meat at all, or you can choose to have it with shrimp, chicken, or even a variety of mussels. This delicious meal has a creamy texture with a slightly cheesy flavor. Risotto is a dish that contains short-grained rice that is flavorful and delicious. It is often available in many different creamy, rich flavors, so it is important to consider all of your options before making a decision.


Desserts are among the most popular things to order at Italian restaurants. There are many different types of desserts that are sweet and delicious. Cannolis are among many people’s favorites. A cannoli is a pastry that is filled with a sweet and creamy cheese filling. It is often topped with powdered sugar and is great after a traditional meal. If you are looking for a cool, sweet treat after dinner, gelato maybe the perfect answer for you. Gelato is similar to ice cream; however, it has a more intense flavor. It typically comes in lemon, lime, or fruit flavors rather than the sweet flavors of ice cream. If you want a dessert that is more similar to a cake, you may want to try Tiramisu. Tiramisu has layers of sweet biscuits that are soaked in coffee. Between the layers is a mixture of egg yolks and sweet mascarpone that creates a delectable dish that is sure to delight your taste buds.

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