Top Slot Games that are Guaranteed to Make You Hungry

How many times have you seen pizza on TV and realized that you want nothing more than to order a Dominos and feast until you can’t feel your tongue? Or what about the times you suddenly crave donuts just because you’ve seen Homer Simpson drooling over a box of strawberry glazed?

It doesn’t matter who you are and how little attention you pay to advertising, when it comes to food, you just can’t resist. That’s why you should only play the following slot games if you’re already hungry and not on a diet. These slots will tempt you more than any cartoon donuts and stale sitcom pizzas.

Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza is a colourful, candy-coated slot game that is sweet enough to give you cavities. It’s a Pragmatic Play classic that takes place in a candy wonderland, the sort of place that would give Hansel and Gretel PTSD. 

There are 20 paylines, a Tumble Feature, and a Free Spin feature. You can even buy the bonus, although this is not always the best option. Buying the bonus turns what would otherwise be a generous feature into just another spin, as there’s a good chance you’ll walk away with much less than the cost of the feature.

Cherry Bomb 

Not only will this Booming Games slot give you a sweet tooth, but if you’ve over a certain age, it’ll have you sing-stuttering a classic earworm all day.

It’s a simple but well-designed slot that fills the reels with candies and fruits, just like a classic slot machine. You’ll get your 5-a-day while spinning 10 paylines and benefiting from features such as Wilds, Scatters, and a Gamble option. 

Mamma Mia! 

Pizza, pasta, and Italian stereotypes—that’s Mamma Mia! This slot seems to be hosted by the guy who runs the Italian restaurant in The Simpsons and only speaks pidgin English. But we’ll forgive Betsoft for pigeon-holing all Italian restaurant owners as this is a beautifully presented and incredibly fun slot game.

The chef stays on the game reels at all times and you’ll see him reacting to your spins in the bottom corner.

The graphics are probably the best you will see on any food-themed slot game (as you would expect from Betsoft) and there is also a fun little bonus round featuring a critic. 

The mouth-watering Mamma Mia! is a joy to behold and that’s not hyperbole. If you have played Betsoft games in the past, you’ll probably know what to expect. If not, you’re missing out, as this is one developer that knows how to bring its themes and characters to life.

Sugar Land

If Sweet Bonanza didn’t satisfy your sweet tooth then Sugar Land surely will. This Playtech slot game is packed with 50 paylines and includes a host of colourful, sugary symbols. It’s a candy jar brimming with pep and style, but it’s not just style over substance as it also has a couple of interesting features.

The best of these is a free spins bonus round that gives you a chance to spin those saccharine reels for free.

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